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Top Three International Schools in Bangkok Near the Airport

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One of the advantages of international schools is that they favor the children of expats who have to relocate from one country to another.

With these schools, the children readily fit in, because most international schools use a universally accepted curriculum, which makes it easier for the students to adapt to life at international schools.

However, the schools are not only ideal for expats; anyone can take their children there and benefit from the international curriculum. If you are in Bangkok and live near Suvarnabhumi Airport, then here are three international schools for you to consider.

1. Soon-to-open International School

Set to open in August next year (2020), this international school (whose name cannot be revealed yet due to conflict of interest) promises to be the school to prepare your child for the future. The international school will be offering the US curriculum hence setting the trend for other international schools set to open next year.

This soon-to-open international school is one of the best international schools in Bangkok near the airport. When it opens, the school will first take in students in their early years, that is, from two years, up to students in Grade eight. The students in grades ranging from nine to twelve, will join the school the following year (2021).

Built on a 30-acre piece of land, the school is well set to cater for its full capacity of 1800 students. With its futuristic design of Apple-style campus, the school is sure set to be a trendsetter for other schools in the future.

2. Wells International School

Located in the Phra Khanong district, Bangkok, Wells International school offers American curriculum to its 520 students. The great thing about Wells International School is the fact that it is relatively affordable compared to other international schools in Thailand. However, the affordability does not mean that the learning here is sub-par; the students here are catered to by highly qualified staff.

With an average class having a capacity of 16 students, it is easier for the teachers to identify the needs of each student. Opened a decade ago, the school continues to appeal to many parents who prefer the small classrooms.

3. Concordian International School

Concordian International School offers the complete range of the IB programs. Established in August of 2001, the school caters to students ranging from nursery to Grade 12.

The unique factor about this school is that students here learn in three languages; Thai, English and Chinese. In fact, the school is the only Thai international school that is fully trilingual.

Operating on Aruba system (a high-tech, wireless internet enabled system). The school boasts of some of the best facilities to serve its student population of more than 900 students. The talented staff coming from various cultures is dedicated to providing the students with the best education, which includes instilling in them the virtues such as compassion and integrity.

Whether you are Bangkok resident, or you have just moved in, you no longer have to worry about the best international schools to take your child. Perhaps the only task left for you to do is to choose from the schools above.

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