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Tips for Keeping Your Elementary School Clean

Tips For Keeping Your Elementary School Clean
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Maintaining a clean and tidy environment is crucial in elementary schools for both aesthetics and the well-being of staff and students. However, keeping a school clean can be difficult due to the number of children, parents, and teachers that move through the building daily. Continue reading to learn some tips for keeping your elementary school clean.

Involve Students in Cleaning

Involving students in the cleanup process will reduce work for janitorial staff, keep your building cleaner, and help them develop lifelong cleaning habits and skills. Assign classroom cleaning tasks like organizing desks and picking up dropped papers to encourage students to take responsibility for their surroundings.

Place Floor Mats in Hallways

As individuals walk through the school and children come in from recess, they can track in dirt, mud, and water from outside. Placing floor mats in the hallways can trap all of that dirt, debris, and moisture to prevent it from spreading into the classrooms and other areas of the school. Floor mats are also easy to clean, making cleaning tasks a bit simpler for janitorial staff. While improved cleanliness is one benefit of placing floor mats in school hallways, schools will also see improvements in safety since the mats reduce slip and fall risks for staff and students.

Provide an Adequate Number of Trash Cans

Elementary students are still learning to care for their surroundings. This means that if trash cans are not easily accessible, they may leave trash in common areas, such as on cafeteria tables or classroom floors. To prevent this, ensure you place enough trash bins strategically throughout the school, especially in lunchrooms, classrooms, and outdoor areas. Encourage students and staff to properly dispose of their trash and recyclables to maintain a clean and litter-free environment. This will keep your school cleaner and help young students form good habits.


With these tips for keeping your elementary school clean, you can ensure your school remains a safe, productive learning environment for its students. As an added benefit, each of these steps will help students see the advantages of cleaning and caring for their environment, preparing them for the future.

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