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How Project Managers Can Get PMP Certification

Project Management

Project managers should get a PMP certification to take their career to the next level. Getting PMP certified also leads to higher salaries and opens new opportunities to work on more projects globally. It also improves a person’s project management skills, and it proves to employers that a project manager can handle any challenges. PMP certification gives certification globally to intensify the profession of a person.

What is the PMP Certification?

A PMP certification is a globally recognized proof to show that a project manager has experience and skill set to manage a project within the budget and deadline successfully. A PMP certified project manager goes through rigorous training and must pass a PMP exam.

PMP certification is for Associate Project Managers, Project Managers, Project Analysts, Team Leaders, Program Managers, Project Coordinators, Project Leaders, Project Sponsors, Product Managers and any Project team member who needs a PMP certification.

Benefits of Enrolling for PMP Certification training

A PMP Certification does not only teach and prepare you to pass the PMP exam, but it also exposes you other opportunities such as:-

  1. You will get to study the Project Management Professional (PMP) Credentials Handbook which will equip you with the knowledge you need to complete the PMP exam.
  2. PMP training fulfills the minimum PMP certification minimum requirement of 35 PDU to be allowed to sit for the PMP exams.
  3. You will also get a chance to become a member of the local Project Management Institute (PMI) Chapter at a fee of $139. As a member, you will enjoy benefits such as discounted exam fees where you will pay $405 instead of $555 and also get a free copy of the PMBOK Guide.
  4. Booking a PMP exam is a hectic and complicated process. Avoid the hassle of booking the PMP exam when you join a PMP certification training as the process will be completed for you. They will submit your application through the Prometric process and also choose an exam center for you.
  5. You will get sample papers to prepare you for the PMP exams. In total, you will get 6 full-length mock exams that will give you adequate practice to tackle and succeed in PMP exams.
  6. Overall, you will get 35 hours of classroom training and free 180 days of E-learning access and instructor-led training.

The process of PMP Certification

You need to meet the criteria for eligibility to apply for PMP certification. The application cost is $555 for PMI non-members and $405 for members. Nevertheless, the price not only includes training, and exam fees but material costs, scheduling, and rescheduling costs as well as PMI membership costs. You can take two to three retakes by paying $275 and $375 respectively. Follow the following steps to apply online for PMP certification:

  • Create a free account at
  • Confirm your registration
  • Log in to your created account
  • Fill your application form
  • Submit the project management experience proof and contact hours, and this will take roughly 5 days to process it
  • Pay the examination fee
  • Reserve and schedule your spot

What you will learn when you enroll for the training

  1. Project management terminologies

You will study the terminologies and concept of Project Management and learn how to apply them practically.

  1. Learn the best practices

You acquire the top standards required to complete a project successfully anywhere in the world.

  1. Become a problem solver

You can take up new challenges and overcome them with practical solutions. The solutions will reduce risks, meet the required goals, be compliant and work within the budget.

  1. Good communication skills

Understand how to communicate with stakeholders and also how to manage a team smoothly.

  1. Be able to work within the budget

Learn how to complete a project within the budget and the timeframe set.

  1. Attain leadership skills

You will become a better leader who knows how to motivate and lead a team for maximum productivity.

  1. Get a chance to undertake the PMP certification exam

You will be eligible to register and undertake the PMP certification and have higher chances of passing the exams.

  1. Understand the PMBOK

The PMBOK covers ten knowledge Areas & Area of Professional, Five Process Groups and Social Responsibilities.

Requirements you should meet to be able to enroll for PMP certification

To be accepted at PMP certification you should have a Secondary Degree which can be a High School Diploma, or Associate’s Degree or a global equivalent of the same. Further to that, you should at least 5 years/ 60 months experience in Project Management with 7,500 hours heading projects and 35 hours of classroom training.

The second option is a 4-year degree, Bachelor or Global equivalent with a minimum of 36 hours of Project Management experience. Also 4,500 hours of heading and directing projects and 35 hours of classroom training.

What you will get after you PMP Certification Training

  • Become an internationally recognized Project Manager who can work on diverse projects with success.
  • Get more employment opportunities because now you can work anywhere globally.
  • Get more salary as compared with other projects managers who are not PMP certified.
  • Enjoy PMI membership networking benefits
  • Stand out from opportunity competitors with the PMP certification
  • Attain higher position and promotions in your job
  • Get satisfaction from completing projects smoothly and build a reputation from your work.

Financial requirements to get PMP Certification

PMP Certification Cost

1.PMP Certification Online training Cost$125 – $400
2.PMP classroom training$90 – $170
3.Membership cost for PMI Chapter$12
4.PMI Joining fee along with the Membership fee$139
5.Membership for PMI renewal fee$129/year
6.PMI members for PMP Certification exam fee$405
7.PMI non-members for PMP Certification exam fee$555
8.PMI rescheduling fee for members$275
9.PMI rescheduling fee for non-members$375
10.PMBOK handbook member’s costFree
11.PMBOK handbook non-member’s cost$50 on Amazon
12.Study resources and guides’ cost$40 – $100
13.Practice tests’ cost$60 – $100
14.PMP certification renewal cost for PMI members$60
15.PMP certification renewal cost for PMI non-members$150
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