A Guide to Writing the Best Curriculum Vitae for the Job Market

Curriculum Vitae

Are you looking for a job? Is your curriculum vitae good enough to sell you for the position you are looking for? Do you have what it takes to convince your potential employer that you are worth a chance? Well, read on for some exceptional tips on how to make your resume appealing to the eyes of your employer.

As we all know, your CV is the first thing your employer will look at. In fact, the CV acts as the employee’s introduction to his or her employers. Therefore, making that CV more interesting and worth a glance is the best shot you have at securing a job. Luckily, this post is meant to help you come up with the best curriculum vitae for the job market.

Keep reading for some expert tips on how to write professional CVs:

Include your personal details

Personal details are very important when writing your resume. In fact, this kind of information should be the first information in your resume. So, start off by writing your full names, your address and of course your contact details including your email address.

Give your professional and educational background

Owing to the fact that most employers have an interest in employees who already have a working experience, giving your professional background or working experience will be an added advantage to you. If it your first job search, a convincing educational background will do you justice too. Ensure that you include all the important details that might work to your advantage.

Use a familiar font, good grammar and crosscheck your spellings

Do not bore your employer with poor grammar and spelling mistakes. Trust you me, no one will have the time of day to go through a CV that is grammatically incorrect or one that has an awkward font. Professionally speaking, Times Roman is the best font to use when writing a professional CV.

Give honest information

One mistake that job applicants do is lie in their CVs. It is okay to upgrade your CV to make it more appealing but it is a totally different thing to give information that is not true all in the name of making your CV worth looking at. Most times, your employer will do a background check on you just to verify whether the information on your CV is true or not. So, don’t de tempted to lie because you might just spoil the only chance you got for a new job.

Mention some additional qualities

Some qualities like being a team player, flexible and able to work with minimum supervision are worth mentioning. Let your employer know what you are capable of but like mentioned above, do not give information that is not true. Always stay true to your virtues.

Give your references

It is important that you leave 2 to 3 references in your curriculum vitae. Your employer will contact your references (if need be) just to get a glimpse of how good you will be to the company professionally and of course intellectually.

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  • Sharell Williams

    The resume formats will always be the same, the same list of information and the same items. Just refresh it, add new skills and work places. Although if you really haven’t used it for a very long time, you will have to rewrite it completely. When I decided to change my job, by the time I didn’t use my resume for almost 7 years.

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