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5 Great Extracurricular Activities to Put on Your College Application

Extracurricular Activities College Application

Contrary to popular belief, getting into college isn’t just about having good grades and high test scores. Admissions officers are looking for well-rounded individuals who demonstrate, passion, commitment, and leadership outside of the classroom.

Extracurricular activities are the ideal way to make your application stand out. Not only do they show colleges that you have diverse interests and skills, but they give real-life examples of how you tackle certain challenges.

In this article, we are going to explore just five great extracurricular activities that can enhance your college application and make a memorable impression. Let’s begin!

Leadership Roles

Holding a leadership position in a student organization or government shows that you have the ability to manage and inspire others. Whether you’re the president of the student council, captain of a sports team, or head of a club – it demonstrates initiative and capacity to handle responsibility.

Additionally, it showcases your teamwork skills. Leading involves collaboration, problem-solving, and effective communication – all critical for success in college.

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Volunteering and Community Service

Volunteering displays your compassion, empathy, and willingness to give back to the community. It also shows that you are socially responsible and have a broader perspective on life beyond your personal experiences.

From working on a fundraiser to volunteering at your local animal shelter – there are several ways to gain experience. Be sure to include any stories that have had an impact on you in your personal statement.

Creative Pursuits – Music, Art and Writing

Engaging in creative activities such as music, art or writing is another great way to set yourself apart from other applicants. Even if it’s not directly linked to your degree, it allows you to exhibit a wide range of skills including:

  • Creativity
  • Discipline
  • Dedication and Perseverance
  • Ability to think outside of the box

Include any performances, exhibitions, and publications in your application. Additionally, you should mention any awards, scholarships, or special recognitions you have received.

Research Projects and Competitions

Participating in research projects such as science fairs, history contests or math olympiads can show your intellectual curiosity and commitment to academics. It’s also a way to connect your interests with your desired courses.

Alongside providing details about attended events and projects, don’t forget to discuss what you learned and how it has influenced your life goals. These will all help you become a more memorable candidate.

Sports and Physical Activities

Finally, sports and physical activities are another common extracurricular activity that you should always include on your application. Whether you’re a part of a local team or are an individual athlete – they signal that you can balance your studies with other commitments.

Try to stick with the same type of sport for as long as possible. This will allow you to explain how it has shaped your character and worth ethic.

Final Words

Extracurricular activities are a vital part of your college application. When choosing which to highlight, focus on those that showcase your strengths and align with your future goals. Good luck!

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