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Essential Tools Used in School Science Laboratory


There are many different items used in the modern school science laboratory. They are essential tools used for teaching children about science. Here are some of those items discussed in depth.


Microscopes are used in the lab for looking at the cell structure of items up close. This is vital in biology lessons. It gives students a chance to look at things for real rather than in a textbook, and that’s very important. Small glass slides are also used. These are what items are placed on before they are put under the microscope to be looked at by the students in the classroom. They are one of the most expensive pieces of classroom equipment.


The classic school science lab item is the Bunsen burner. It’s the item that we all used when we were at school, and they’re still used today. They are used by attaching to a gas supply and lighting. They can then be placed underneath a tripod that is holding a metal or chemical that needs to be heated up. The Bunsen burner is not the only type of burner that is used in the school science lab though. For example, sometimes methylated spirit burners also need to be used for some experiments.

Forceps and Tweezers

Some items are too small or too dangerous for teachers and children to pick up with their hands. These items need to be handled with metal forceps and tweezers. These are very small and cheap items, but they are one of the most important items there is. When conducting chemical reactions, the small items that you place in the test tube have to be handled with forceps. And if an item is dangerous when touched, they are even more essential. They act as a safety item and a useful lab tool too.

Test Tubes

Test tubes are those glass containers that are used when the kids are mixing chemicals or heating up a substance. There are many different types of test tube that can be used for different purposes. For example, one type of tube is the combustion tube. These are more resilient and can handle more volatile chemical reactions. It’s always important to make sure that you are using tubes that are fit for purpose. If you use a test tube that simply isn’t up to the job at hand it could shatter, causing all kinds of problems.

Safety Equipment

Safety should always be high up on the agenda when it comes to school science experiments. Yes, science can be fun and interesting. But it also needs to be safe at all times. First of all, goggles are needed to keep everyone’s eyes safe when dangerous and corrosive chemicals are being used. Some of those chemical reactions can be very dangerous if the substance ends up in someone’s eyes. And gloves and lab coats are also very important. It all depends on what kind of experiment is being undertaken.


In short, these essential tools form the backbone of any effective school science lab. They enable hands-on learning, ensuring students grasp scientific concepts with practical experience. Safety measures, like goggles and lab coats, underscore the importance of a secure learning environment. These tools not only facilitate education but also instill a lifelong love for science.

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