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7 Reasons Why Teachers’ Aides Are Invaluable

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Most teachers consider their aide a lifeline. They are a great resource and the attention they give the students is key to ensuring that their potential is unlocked. There are children who do well with little help, but then there are those who need the understanding and patience of a fully trained, talented and experienced teacher’s aide. Here are some reasons why teacher’s aides are invaluable:

1. Individual support

Many times, children feel overwhelmed by all the information they are receiving, and with a large number of students in one class, they may not get the attention they need from the teacher. A teacher aide plays a very important role in such cases because they are able to help a student who needs this individualized attention to succeed.

2. Accessibility

In situations where a child has a disability, language problems, speech issues or even difficulties with behavior, a teacher’s aide is the most accessible expert available to them. It is thanks to teachers’ aides that most of these children get a real chance at success.

3. Another pair of eyes

A teacher focused on teaching the class may not be able to see everything that is going on around the class. A TA provides another pair of eyes which keeps the students focused on the lesson and not distracted by other things.

4. Strategy implementation

A TA works closely with the teacher to roll out teaching strategies that will ensure that all the kids in the class do better than they would otherwise. This means identifying students that are struggling and offering help, or those simply dragging their feet who need a push in order to excel. Either way, they make sure that every child has what they need to be successful.

5. Work in the background to make the classes a success

They don’t just clear up after the students; they train students, monitor progress and report on it, assess students, plan lessons and so much more. Their work is to ensure that your child gets the most out of school, and they have undergone thorough teacher aide training to ensure that they are well able to achieve success.

6. Reduce pressure on the teacher

When the lesson is a difficult one, you can expect that many out of the 30 or so students will need additional help. One person dealing with all those students is not possible and so a TA is able to take the pressure off the teacher by taking on part of the burden. Tag teaming in this way means that every child can get the help and assistance that they need to succeed in that class.

7. Class control

Rowdy classes can become a challenge to one person and with the interference that may be caused, it is possible for your child to be held back because he never really learnt in that class. A TA helps to control the class by ensuring that they home in on students who are difficult and help the teacher enforce the class rules.

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